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INITIO, an ED24 group initiative, is an authorized referral partner of IDP Education. Realize your Abroad Dream by getting desired score with help of Expert Coaching directly by institute owners with 25+ years of experience. You can also avail for  end-to-end Abroad Study Counselling and Admission Service. Check out our process below!


INITIO International Studies Counseling and Admission Process

STEP 1: Career Assessment

The first step in the process is to do a career assessment of the student and look at skill profiling, interest profiling and personality profiling of the student.

STEP 4: Course Search

There are multiple aspects which are required to be considered when the course has to be decided.

STEP 7: Examinations

Different universities or countries have differentiated needs on language tests and standard test examination.

STEP 10: Interview Preparation

The students have to be extremely well prepared for the visa for the country and has to align to what all questions which can be asked by the officer and what can be a good confident answer to the question asked.

STEP 13: Pre-Departure Counseling

Pre-Departure Counseling includes Travel Guidelines, Dos and Don’ts,  Forex, Country Restrictions, Travel Interview Prep, Accommodation options, Post landing activity.

STEP 2: Student Profiling

The second step is to do the student profiling. The details helps with the softer aspects of the student which are in addition to career report.

STEP 5: Country Search

This is a very important step when looking at here the course has to be done from. This will in-turn define the amount of finances which would be required to be arranged for the course

STEP 8: Documentation Preparation

Some of the core submissions related to statements include – SOP, LOP, Admission Essay, Personal Statement etc. Other documentations which are required included financial documents, academic transcripts, educational documents etc. In addition to this the CV or Resume needs to be prepared as it might be required by some universities, visa interviews etc.

STEP 11: Admission Acceptance

Once the admission is accepted by the university and an offer letter is sent to the student then the student needs to Accept offer and respond to university, do fee payment and flight bookings.

STEP 3: Career Counseling

This is the actual step where career counseling or career discussion happens between the career counselor and the students / parents.

STEP 6: College Search

Again like Course, there are multiple aspects which are required to be considered when the College or University has to be decided.

STEP 9: Application Review

Each of the universities have a separate application forms and process which needs to be looked at. Also, the application should be aligned to the timing of the joining of university – e.g., fall season etc.

STEP 12: Visa Application

The Visa process is one of the most important steps in the international studies admission and has to be taken extremely seriously. The visa process can be started once student gets approval or admit letter from the university.

Realise Your Study Abroad Dream at INITIO

INITIO , an ED24 group initiative, is a trusted Skill Development Institute, with focus on Career Counselling and International Education Consultancy. We are authorized partner of IDP Education.
The group has coached 10,000+ students since inception with expert training in English Language Course as well as for IELTS - PTE - CELPIP with the end-to-end assistance for the Study Abroad process enabling them to realize their  Study Abroad dreams.

Our team of highly qualified Overseas Education Consultants will always provide honest, reliable and unbiased advice that will be individually tailored to meet the needs of every student.

INITIO Mission

To give all students the opportunity to broaden their horizons, improve their language skills and fulfil their individual academic ambitions by following the education path that suits them best.

 INITIO Counselling Process

The International Studies career counseling and admission process defined by Initio is a very detailed and well-structured one which is followed by the fraternity of foreign admission counselors.


The process is made up of 13 distinct steps when a student approaches the career counselors for international studies counseling.

Why Study Abroad ?

Study in the park

Globalization has changed the way the world works, and it is increasingly critical to have cross-cultural competence and cutting-edge technical skills in the market for today and in the future. Studying Abroad Helps Students Gain an Edge on Fellow Classmates.


Study abroad is one of the best ways to acquire global skills and access personal and professional opportunities. Study abroad is a life-changing experience for many students, opening their eyes to different ways of life and promoting understanding and tolerance.

The beauty of studying abroad is gaining a broader understanding of other cultures. Having access to other people and building relationships with those people on their home turf enables one to think more creatively and flexibly, necessary skills in today's competitive work environment. 

Challenges of Studying Abroad

Studying abroad has its perks but it also has its own set of challenges.


Some of major concerns for studying abroad, include homesickness. being too far away from family, course requirements of existing curriculum, finances, language and cultural barriers, and health and dietary issues.


While some of these hurdles are inevitable, it is important for foreign students to learn more about these challenges so they may better prepare for them.

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