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Find a PERFECT CAREER for you with INITIO

Experienced. Trusted. Certified. 




Welcome to INITIO.


INITIO is an initiative of ED24 group which is providing One-Stop Quality Education since 2006.


We bring to you 25+ years of rich experience of our founders in field of Corporate World & Education Industry. We

Our founders are highly qualified with a degree in engineering from NIT, Surat blended with MBA and Certificate in Digital Marketing from NMIMS, Mumbai.  They are also Certified in Advance Career Counselling as well as International Study Counselling to equip you with right guidance using their expertise. 

Our powerful Artificial Intelligence algorithms developed along with the neuroscience and AI experts detail out the 360 degree persona of an individual and use 2 Million+ association rules to suggest the right career fitment and skill gaps fulfillment needed for the recommended careers based on your Career Test.

So, go take our career test  and discover the suitable careers for you! 


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